Winter Internship 2017-18

Breaking Through
Breakthrough’s Winter Internship 2017.
Shoot | Share | Bring a change.

An idea that will make the city a safe space for women and girls.

Film making with a purpose!
18 th December 2017 to 5 th January 2018
Venue – South Delhi.

Sponsored by: Yes Foundation.
Supported by: Skoll Foundation.

We are looking for young and aspiring students from Delhi who is interested in creating films that will
aim to make Delhi a safer and more inclusive city for women and girls. If you are interested in
filmmaking and related creative media and art-making skills as a mode of engaging the society and
the mass for a gender equitable society and to end violence against women and girls, then you have
come to the right place!


1. Issue based training on gender based discrimination and violence.
 To develop a comprehensive understanding and analytical skills to identify gender based
violence and discrimination – gender roles/norms, Sexual harassment, Domestic Violence and
other discriminatory practices such as sex selective abortion, neglect of girl child, control on
mobility and dressing and other life choices of women and girls.
 To develop a comprehensive knowledge on the interlinkage between existing social norms on
gender (gender stereotypes) and everyday misogyny and practices of sexism – Patriarchy;
Cultural, Ritual and Traditional practices; Power and Governance; Rights and Entitlement;
Social Justice values – Equality, Liberty and Democratic practices, etc.,
 To develop a comprehensive knowledge on reporting cases of sexual harassment and
domestic violence and available laws, legal services and other allied services.

2. Human Centered Design Thinking
Human-centered design is a creative approach to problem solving. It starts with assessing need of
the people for which the product or campaign is being designed and ends with developing a solution
product or campaign that can be said as tailor made for the target audience. The fundamental idea
is to build a deep empathy with the target populations; generating exhaustive list of possible
solution; developing an optimum number of prototypes; consultation with target population on the
viability and relevancy of the prototypes; choosing the best prototype and developing it into a
solution product for consumption or utility of the community/society/world in large.

Human-centered can be divided into three phases:

1. Inspiration – immersing self in the lives of the target audience in order to comprehensively
understand their needs.
2. Ideation – the process of translating your understanding from inspiration phase to ideas,
designs and prototypes of possible solutions.
3. Implementation – the process of creating a real model. This also might include
dissemination of the product or marketing.

3. Filmmaking Training by Jholawala Films, Delhi.
Jholawala Films is a development communication organization based in Delhi. Theyspecialize in
communication for and about development. They apply state-of- the-art communication tools
and strategies to address social issues in the most effective manner. Jholawala Films uses
various communication tools including documentary films, Photography and animation films to
highlight inequities and foreground human rights violations stemming from power and affecting
the lives of every individual. They also conduct skill building workshop and training for the same.
They seek to empower individuals and communities to transform their stories of exploitations,
exclusions and abuses to powerful tools for justice, promoting public advocacy and policy


1. Provide an opportunity for an in-depth knowledge building for youth who harbors
and shares a passion for people’s movement for a gender equitable society.
2. Provide a Platform for young people to learn and equip themselves with filmmaking
3. Provide platforms for these young individuals to share their own stories and
journey and inspire the same among their peers.

This group of young people will become instrumental in the collective effort of
people’s movement against sexual harassment in Delhi by producing videos that will
serve the purpose of awareness raising against forms of sexual harassment
prevalent in Delhi as a city and its nook and corners such as family homes; community
or ‘mohalla’; roads and public places etc. The video will seek to raise awareness on
possible deterrent to existing forms of sexual harassment and encourage people to
take up alternative ways of thinking, seeing and behaving in order to create
an inclusive, safer and shared spaces for women and girls.
The interns will further reach out to youth from various college campuses and
communities and share their own journey by organizing a screening of their video and
discussion on issues of sexual harassment and ways to eliminate violence against
women and girls from the society. As such, they will serve as peer icon for their own
peers and inspire other youth to access and utilize the resources available to them
into creating products and tools that will aid and contribute to the collective struggle
to end violence against women and girls.


1. 4 one-minute- video on the theme – Creating safer spaces for women and girls.
By the end of the internship the interns are required to produce 4 videos. The final product will be
finalized keeping in mind the inspiration, motivation and purpose as felt by the student and with
reference to breakthrough’s vision mission and goal. There will be a formal launch of the video on the
last day of internship.
Post internship engagement:
2. A one minute video on the theme – #PressForProgresstargeted to be launch before 8 th March
2018 – International women’s day.
3. Peer youth icon – Conduct screening of their video and facilitate discussion among students in
various campus for 3 months, from January 2018 to March 2018, c. Breakthrough will also
provide necessary support – facilitating platforms, support on logistical requirement and
further training if need be.

The plan is not only to build capacity on issue awareness and skills but also to hand hold for a
brief time after which the collective will be capable enough to function as an autonomous
group of young people working effectively and actively towards producing media based

gender sensitive products and carry forward ‘engagement with the mass through media to
create an inclusive, safer and shared space for all gender.

For further details, please write to or call Pavel: 9862906147; Priyanka: 8130506706.


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