10th January, 2019

Breakthrough Along with Twitter wants to nominate some women who use Twitter in a productive and positive way even when there voices get lost in the general noise on Twitter everyday.!!! Now you can nominate your favourite women user on twitter or even yourself if you think you fit and few selected from those nominated have some exciting surprises in store for them.

Our criteria for nominations are:

  1. They should have less than or equal to 15k followers.
  2. They should be active on Twitter and make at least weekly updates.
  3. Their communication and content should be positive.
  4. There should be no shaming, no abuse, no toxicity in their tweet content.
  5. They are creating some kind of impact through their work/presence on Twitter
  6. They should have positive communication with their followers and other Twitter handles. Please keep in mind that we will ask you to provide examples of the above.

In order to nominate you favourite women just click over here and fill in the form with all relevant details. Nominations close on January 31st 2019.

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