Redraw Misogyny


Why does this event exist?

When you watch a story on gender-based violence, what image is attached to it? Have you noticed the way these images portray survivors of the violence? What does it make you feel about them? Do you feel sorry? Do you feel like they’re powerless? Do you even focus on the perpetrator?

These images are really problematic because they invoke a perception of what it means to be a survivor of Gender Based Violence. Now the question arises: if newspapers and journals can’t use these images, what images should they use? It’s a valid problem. We along with our friends at ICFJ and Instagram, all agree upon it. So let’s fix it.

Who can participate?

If you’re a designer, illustrator, artist, photographer, and you understand gender, we need you.

What will participating in this event entail?

In this event, there are 4 very easy steps:

a) You sign up using the link on our 'sign up' section, or send us an email at

b) We will send you an email with some basic guidelines and images once you sign up.

c) You will then have till 15th June to work on it before we meet again and finalize them.

d) Then we will spread it around and send it to different media organizations and ask them to start using these images instead when reporting gender-based violence.

Photographs & Illustrations


Right now, we're looking at images that can be used for stories about -
- Child Sexual Abuse
- Domestic Violence
- Domestic Violence
- Marital Rape
- Institutional Assault - in case of civic bodies like khap panchayats ordering violence
- Molestation/ groping in public transport
- Online sexual abuse

Please ensure that your images must have the following
- An empowering narrative
- It can't show the survivor as helpless or a prop
- It can't show shame for the survivor. Shame is to be for the perpetrator.
- It has to be very literal. It should be clear from the image that violence is being spoken about.

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sexual harassment at public places


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