Welcome to Breakthrough Trust – NGO in Delhi One of the rampant social evils that have to be remedied today is domestic violence against women in India. In most homes of the country, there is the dominancy of the mother in laws who have been known to be unfair in treating their daughter in laws. Most brides when they venture into trying their new life in the homes of their husbands, what is left to them is a despicable treatment that is devoid of human considerations. The overload of household chores she must do, the uncaring atmosphere she needs to face there amidst people with little or no understanding, the total negligence she has to face with regard to her health and happiness, often the verbal and physical cruelty she is subjected to are some horrifying aspects that most women are today very much scared of. Several NGO in Delhi are fighting against this social evil and have been putting forth phenomenal effort to see that the voices of the troubled women are echoed in the society and a good deal of progress is made in the lines of winning them a fair treatment. Among the several social evils and ills that have to be cured, probably gender discrimination in India is still a topic that has to be attended to. Despite the phenomenal kind of progress that the society has been able to make with regard to science and technology and modernization of every sphere of life, this rampant social evil and injustice against women has been a very tough one to combat. Definite steps are being taken by the social groups that are fighting for the cause of women in India. However, more participation by the international community is the need of the hour that can help quickly achieve a significant progress in these lines.
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