UP Flood Crisis – Urgent Call for Support

The current floods have wreaked havoc in 3 districts of Eastern U.P. where Breakthrough works. All schools have been shut down by the local administration as the area is inundated with 5-8 feet of water. It is a very dire situation with absolutely no sign of the flood waters receding as of now.
While the National Disaster Relief Force has started work in the area, the relief to affected families is totally inadequate because of the large numbers of people affected. In the first stage, we need to ensure that people have sufficient food to keep them going, but as the waters recede we have a health crisis looming. Vector borne diseases
as well as diseases like leptospirosis, cholera and hepatitis are usually seen in epidemic proportions after floods of this nature.
We need your support! Breakthrough will be organising health camps across the three districts as well as ensuring medicines for the affected families. All of this will need funding and we therefore request you to support our drive by donating on our website below. Any amount you donate will be a huge help, as will donation requests to your friends and families.
If we all stand together, we can make the level of devastation a little more manageable for the lakhs of people whose lives have been ravaged by the floods. We are counting on you for support.

Look forward to your support in getting this going soon.

For more information contact donor-relations@breakthrough.tv

Donate here to help us provide health camps and medical aid to affected families