$1 in 3 women$ in India lives with $Domestic Violence$.

The silent malaise affects the lives of 206 million women.

Till recently no one spoke about it. Shame, acceptance and fear kept the crime behind closed doors.

In 2008, Breakthrough made a bold statement: the perpetrator is each one of us that stays quiet and allows domestic violence to happen.

In a strident campaign, Breakthrough asked everyone to come forward and ‘Bell Bajo’ or ‘Ring the Bell’ on domestic violence. As the campaign reached 130 million people and starting winning awards all over the world, men, boys, organisations and communities came forward to join the movement. On-ground training camps, online forums, documentaries, street theatre and more equipped them with strategies to fight the menace.

To date, Breakthrough has trained over 100,000 people on gender, sexuality and rights. Over a million men have signed a pledge against domestic violence. Young people across cities and villages are sharing thoughts and ideas with their peers as torch-bearers for the cause.

But as the world sees more violence everywhere, a lot more remains to be done. Breakthrough’s crusade against domestic violence is a call to each one of us to get involved and make the resolve that domestic violence will stop with us.

Our work on the ground.
Bell Bajao

Breakthrough’s ‘Bell Bajao!’ launched in India in 2008, is a cultural and media campaign that calls on men and boys to take a stand against domestic violence. The campaign seeks to reduce domestic violence against women and to highlight the role that men and boys can play in reducing violence.

Bell Bajao’s award-winning series of PSAs has been viewed by over 130 million people. The announcements, inspired by true stories, showed men and boys stepping up and ringing the bell to interrupt overheard domestic violence. In 2010, Breakthrough’s video vans traveled 14,000 miles through cities and villages screening these PSAs and involving communities through games, street theater and other cultural tools resulting in a sustainable, on-ground process of transforming hearts and minds.

A glimpse at our projects in action.
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