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About the Contest

Breakthrough, one of India’s leading NGOs, which addresses gender equality and domestic violence presents, Meri Zindagi, a unique music video contest. The song evokes a strong sense of independence and inspires women to go and live their lives on their own terms. Some of India’s most popular creative artistes are associated with this project.

The peppy, inspiring track is written by Gulzar and composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Popular singers Richa Sharma and Hard Kaur have performed the track. Breakthrough invites filmmakers, professionals, amateurs and students from across India to make a music video for the song.

Meri Zindagi, a music video contest, (hereinafter referred to as “the Contest”) is powered by The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP). Breakthrough and 48HFP are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Organisers”.
You, hereinafter referred to as Participant/Entrant, have to create a music video of 3.47 seconds, not including the titles and credits. The duration of the contest is three weeks from the date of announcement of the contest including script, shoot and submission. The best music video wins a cash prize of INR 2,00,000 followed by the 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up.

Contest Milestones

October 10, 2015 – Contest kicks off
October 29, 2015  – Last date to submit your entry

November 06, 2015  – Last date to submit your entry

November 17, 2015  – Announcement of winners

Organiser Details

ORGANIZING PARTNERS: The 48 Hour Film Project India (M/s Can Communicate). “Can Communicate is the exclusive India franchisee of The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “48HFP”).” Both Breakthrough and 48HFP are collectively referred to as “Organisers”.

Terms and Conditions (T&C)

● The participant has to be an Indian resident.
● The participant has to be above the age of 18 years.
● The participant should have a valid address proof like driving license, passport, Voter ID card, electricity bill, BSNL/MTNL telephone bill.
● The following associated with Organisers (Breakthrough, 48HFP) are not eligible to participate:

i. Project Parties: Employees, consultants, directors, officers of the Organisers; those associated with subsidiaries, parent and affiliated companies; distributors, web design, advertising, fulfilment, judging and event agencies involved in the administration, development, fulfilment and execution of this competition
ii. Immediate family members of Project Parties (spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, and spouse or “step” of each) and those living in their households (those persons whether related or not who live in the same residence for at least three months during the twelve-month period preceding the start date of the competition).
● Completed entry form is mandatory with correct information; else the participant will be disqualified.
● All entrants/participants agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Filmmaking Rules

A. Timelines: The duration of the Meri Zindagi contest is three weeks. You must complete your video in time to upload it on the website or submit as specified by the Organisers within the deadline. Only submissions that meet the deadline will be officially part of the competition.

B. Footage: All footage must be shot within the three-week period of the competition.
● No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time may be used.
● Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the competition period. (Note: Stock footage as part of a special effect in a third party special effects programme is permissible.)
● Still photographs are permitted, provided that the team has the rights to them. The photos do not need to be created during the competition time frame.
● Stop motion technique as a creative representation is allowed.

C. Camera: Your film should be shot in HD resolution only using any of the following: DSLR, point & shoot or mobile phone cameras.
D. Duration: The finished film must be the exact duration of the song i.e. 3 minutes 47 seconds. This does not include credits. (See Rule E)
E. Credits: Credits are allowed only at the end of the film and are limited to a maximum of 20 seconds. The 20 seconds is considered additional to the length of the film, as stated in Rule F. (That is, say if a film is 60 seconds long, with an additional 8 seconds of credits, its Total Running Time (TRT) will be 1.8 minutes.)
Opening credits are not allowed. Only the title of the film may appear at the start (See Rule F).

F. Before the finished film begins, the media should have:
● 5 seconds of black
● A title card with: Film title (download link coming soon)
● Mandatory slate (download link coming soon)
● Your film title animation (optional 4 seconds)- (download link coming soon)
● 2 seconds of black
● Your film of duration 3:47 seconds starts

G. Film resolution: HD is compulsory
● Full HD : 1920×1080
● Half HD: 1280×720 (not suitable for MTV Indies)
● Other: 1440×720
● Format – Your film may be in any of the following formats:
— ● MP4, MOV (H.264), AVI or WMV

H. Breakthrough will fully own the exclusive copyright in and to the films made in the competition.

I. To be eligible for the competition, entries must be the original work of the Entrant; must not infringe any third-party rights; must be suitable for publication (i.e., may not be obscene or indecent); must not contain obscene or pornographic material; may not contain defamatory statements about any person, company, organization, community or entity; may not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity; may not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations; and may not contain any copyrighted elements (other than as owned by the Entrant and/or Organisers).

J. Cost of production: Filmmakers will have to bear the entire cost of the production. Organisers would not be providing funding support, shooting equipment, cast, crew or any other support.

K. Film submission procedure: Every filmmaker needs to upload their music video using the procedure specified by the Organisers via email before the competition closure date. Entries received before the closure date only are eligible for jury voting. Late entries will not be eligible for any prize.

L. The Entrant cannot upload the completed music video on any video website or social media platform. Breakthrough would be free to publish the videos any time at their discretion. The Entrant should use only the link provided by Breakthrough to promote their video.

M. The music video must be created for the exact and entire duration of the song (3.47 seconds). Entrants that fall short will be disqualified.

Creative Guidelines
Sexuality: The music video should avoid the inappropriate use or exploitation of sexuality of both women and men.

Violence: Neither woman nor man should be portrayed as exerting domination over the other by means of overt or implied threats, or actual force.

Diversity: Your entry should portray both women and men in the full spectrum of diversity and as equally competent in a wide range of activities both inside and outside the home.

Language: The entry should avoid any language/imagery that misrepresents, offends or excludes women or men.

Please remember:
– Caution should be taken to ensure that the video does not violate the spirit of gender equality even though the individual elements may not violate any particular guideline.
– Humour, works of art and historical settings can all be positive elements in media and communication. However, these techniques should not serve as an excuse to stereotype women or men or to portray behaviour, which is not acceptable today.
– While the guidelines pertain to both women and men, some clauses are particularly directed to the portrayal of women. Men and women are not at equal risk of being negatively portrayed and these guidelines recognize that fact.
– The entry should not show an act, which is damaging to any human or animal.
– Smoking, drinking alcohol or consumption and/or carriage of any drugs should not be shown in the music video
– Any act which violates legal rules should not be shown in the music video.
– The music video should not portray any act that violates a woman sexually.
– Nudity is not allowed in the music video.
– The music video should not promote hate against any religion or hurt sentiments of any religion or community.
– The Organizers may add to or amend these rules at any time.

Terms for Submission of Entry
By submitting an Entry into this competition, each Entrant warrants and represents that the Entrant owns all rights to the Entry he/she is entering in this competition, including, without limitation, the video or digital recording, and the performance contained in each Entry. Each Entrant further warrants and represents that the Entrant has of permission from each person who appears in the Entry to grant the rights to the Project Parties described in these Official Rules, and will submit copies of such permissions to the Organisers on request. By submitting an Entry, Entrant agrees to abide by all terms and conditions contained herein, and further agrees to indemnify and hold BREAKTHROUGH, the 48HFP, the Organisers and their respective affiliates, officers, directors, agents, co-branders or other partners, and any of their employees (collectively, the “Project Indemnified Parties”), harmless from any and all claims, damages, expenses, costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) and liabilities (including settlements), brought or asserted by any third party against any of the Project Indemnified Parties due to or arising out of the Entrant’s Entry materials in this Project, or the Entrant’s conduct during and in connection with this Project, including but not limited to trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights, right of publicity, right of privacy or defamation. Entrant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Breakthrough, 48HFP and the Project Parties from any and all claims that any advertising, presentation, web content or any other material subsequently produced, presented, and/or prepared by or on behalf of Breakthrough, 48HFP or the Project Parties infringes on the rights of Entrant’s work as contained in any Entry. Entrant need to affirm that he/she will secure all rights (including without limitation copyrights) in and to all material included in the Film, including without limitation any and all images, photographs, performances, appearance(s) by any person(s). Entrant represents and warrants that he/she (a) is free to enter into this Agreement, (b) that, Breakthrough is the sole copyright holder in and to the music video; and (c) the music video does not to the best of Entrant’s knowledge (including what the Entrant should know or have known in the exercise of reasonable prudence) violate the copyright of any person or entity, or defame or infringe upon any rights of any kind of, including the right of privacy, of any person or entity.

Selection of winners
Entries will be judged by a process in which qualified panels of judges will evaluate the eligible entries based on the following judging criteria:
○ Artistic Merit (E.g.: Story, Creativity, Entertainment Value) (40%)
○ Technical Merit (20%)
○ Adherence to the Assignment Brief (40%)

Entrants agree that the Organisers have the sole right to decide all matters and disputes arising from this competition and that all decisions of the Organisers are final and binding.


Best Music Video: Hyundai Eon Car plus Rs 55,000

1st Runner Up: Rs 75,000

2nd Runner Up: Rs 50,000

* 30% gift tax deductable from prize amounts as per tax rules

* Applicable T&C
“Any and all taxes and/or levies applicable on the prize money won by the Participant(s), under the laws of India shall be borne by the Participant(s) in relation to the prize. Payment of prize money to the Winner(s) shall be after deduction of all applicable taxes and levies and subject to providing the relevant documents as intimated by the Company and will be paid within the time stipulated by the Company.”

Winners will be intimated by email provided by them on the website. No queries will be entertained.

Prize delivery:
Winners can expect a cheque for the prize money within 14 days of announcement of the results.
Winners will be posted online at (Winners) within 30 days of the end of contest. The intimation will ONLY be sent to the winners and not to all the participants.
The Organisers shall not be held liable if the communication pertaining to the winning entry doesn’t reach the intended participant for any of the following reasons as mentioned:
○ Bandwidth problem of the mailbox/server of the host
○ Incorrect e-mail address given at the time of submitting entry
○ Inbox of the recipient being full/having insufficient space

Rights of the Parties:
Breakthrough will fully own the exclusive copyright in and to the films made in the competition.
From the date the participant submits his/her film to Breakthrough:
○ Entrant shall have the following non-exclusive, non-assignable rights: To use the Film on a professional reel to promote herself/himself or any team member;
○ Breakthrough shall have the following rights, which, except for the limited rights of Entrant as set forth above, shall be exclusive to Breakthrough: to copy, screen, show, exhibit, telecast, broadcast, advertise, market, exploit, and disseminate the Film and/or any portion thereof throughout the universe in perpetuity, via any medium and in any manner whether now known or hereafter invented, including but not limited to theatrical, television (including without limitation all forms of broadcast, cable, Video On Demand (VOD) and digital television), DVD/home video/videogram (including any videogram successor), Internet distribution and any means of digital download, and to sell, license and/or assign any or all of the foregoing rights to any third party. In no manner limiting the foregoing, Breakthrough shall have the right to use the Film and any portion thereof to advertise, promote and publicize its products and/or any sponsor thereof in any manner and via any medium at Breakthrough’s sole discretion.
○ It is understood that Breakthrough owns all the rights relating to any and all copyrighted material and/or any work involving intellectual property rights, created or developed by any of the participating contestants for the contest and that they shall have no existing or future rights/claims in relation to the same. If required, the participating contestants also agree and undertake to unconditionally assign any or all rights in and unto such work or material created or developed by them in favour of Breakthrough and also execute relevant agreements or forms to effect the same.
○ Breakthrough shall have the right to use, modify or customize any work or copyrighted material in any manner whatsoever created or developed by the participating contestants at its sole discretion and without any objections whatsoever.
○ Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the participating contestant has represented and warranted to Breakthrough that any or all part of the work or copyrighted material created or developed by them for the competition is original and does not infringe intellectual property rights of any third parties. The participating contestants further agree to indemnify Breakthrough in case of any claims, actions, losses suffered by Breakthrough arising out of use of the works or copyrighted material created or developed by them for the contest.

✦ If any group of individuals elects to collaborate on an entry, they are required to designate one (1) person as the agent of the group to enter the Project, agree to these Official Rules and accept the prize on behalf of the group. Neither Breakthrough, 48HFP nor any of the Project Parties are liable for any disputes between collaborators arising out of or related to the competition.

✦ Limitations of Liability and Release:
No liability or responsibility is assumed by Breakthrough, 48HFP or Project Parties resulting from any user’s participation in or attempt to participate in the competition or ability or inability to upload or download any information in connection with participating in the competition. No responsibility or liability is assumed by Breakthrough, 48HFP or Project Parties for technical problems or technical malfunction arising in connection with any of the following occurrences which may affect the operation of the competition: hardware or software errors; faulty computer, telephone, cable, satellite, network, electronic, wireless or Internet connectivity or other online communication problems; errors or limitations of any Internet service providers, servers, hosts or providers; garbled, jumbled or faulty data transmissions; failure of any e-mail transmissions to be sent or received; lost, late, delayed or intercepted e-mail transmissions; inaccessibility of the website in whole or in part for any reason; traffic congestion on the Internet or the website; unauthorized human or non-human intervention of the operation of the competition, including without limitation, unauthorized tampering, hacking, theft, virus, bugs, worms; or destruction of any aspect of the competition, or loss, miscount, misdirection, inaccessibility or unavailability of an email account used in connection with the competition. Breakthrough, 48HFP and Project Parties are not responsible for any typographical errors in the announcement of prizes or these Official Rules, or any inaccurate or incorrect data contained on the website. Use of website is at user’s own risk. Breakthrough, 48HFP and the Project Parties are not responsible for any personal injury or property damage or losses of any kind which may be sustained to user’s or any other person’s computer equipment resulting from participation in the competition, use of the website or the download of any information from the website.
✦ General Conditions:
By participating, Entrants agree to these Official Rules which are final and binding in all respects. The competition is governed by the laws of India, Delhi NCR, India and courts of Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
✦ Other Terms & Conditions:
○ Participant unconditionally agrees that he/ she shall not:
■ Do anything which violates any of the Terms;
■ Make any misrepresentation;
■ Do anything that does not comply with generally accepted internet etiquette including (without limitation) the excessive use of inflammatory or antagonistic criticism (“flaming”), or wastefully and unnecessarily including previous communications in any postings;
■ Perform system abuse;
■ Propagate, distribute or transmit destructive code, whether or not damage is actually caused thereby;
■ Post abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libellous, offensive or sexually explicit material.
■ Intentionally make false or misleading statements
■ Offer to sell or buy any product or service
■ Post material that infringes copyright
■ Post information that he/ she knows to be confidential or sensitive or otherwise in breach of the law
○ The prize/ benefits are not transferable.
○ Breakthrough reserves the right to change any prize / benefits of the contest at any time without any prior notice or consultation.
○ Breakthrough reserves the right to offer the prize to another Entrant should a winner be unable, for any reason, to accept the prize.
○ Some of the prizes may not be the property of Breakthrough and all laws governing the same are applicable.
○ If the prize is undelivered or returns due to any reason whatsoever, Breakthrough will not make any repeated attempts to resend the same.
○ Breakthrough will not be liable for any damage caused to the prize during the transit. No request for replacement or change shall be entertained
○ Winners will be intimated by email provided by them on the website. Breakthrough will require the complete postal address of the participants. The prizes will be sent to the postal address given by the winner.
○ Breakthrough shall not be held liable if the communication pertaining to the winning entry doesn’t reach intended participant for any of the following reasons as mentioned:
■ Bandwidth problem of the mailbox/server of the host
■ Incorrect e-mail address given at the time of submitting entry
■ Inbox of the recipient being full/having insufficient space
○ Any other reason, technical or otherwise, beyond the control of Breakthrough
○ Breakthrough reserves the right to suspend, shorten, modify, extend or cancel the contest at its sole discretion without stating any reason. No claim in this regard shall be entertained.
○ Breakthrough recommends that each participant should carefully read these conditions before they participate in the Contest
○ Breakthrough reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions without any prior notice. An updated version of the same shall be available on the website.
○ Participation in Breakthrough’s Meri Zindagi, a music video contest, is purely voluntary and at the sole discretion of the person / individual. Participant agrees that he / she has understood and is bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.
○ Breakthrough reserves the right to remove, refuse or cancel access to any participant without any reason therefore and shall be under no obligation to provide any benefits accrued under the contest.
○ The participant shall not, without any valid license or authorization, use the intellectual property rights belonging to Breakthrough and/or third parties.
○ Contest is subject to force majeure events and situations beyond control of Breakthrough, its group companies and/or its affiliates.
○ The prizes & the contest should not be used for any commercial gains by the winners.
○ Breakthrough takes no responsibility for the damages that the user may suffer due to errors or omissions affecting website content.
○ Participant hereby authorises Breakthrough to communicate with him / her from time to time about the matters connected with the Contest.
○ Participants agree to make themselves available for publicity purposes if requested by Breakthrough and agree to the use of their name, photograph/image and quotes for such publicity.
○ In the event of a dispute the decision by Breakthrough is final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
○ All rights as to choosing the winner rest with Breakthrough and shall be done as per the procedure adopted by Breakthrough with or without supervision of any third party.
○ Whenever called for, participant will be required to complete all formalities as may be communicated by Breakthrough, its group companies and/or its affiliate including but not limited to providing his/her authentic and correct information, failing which he/she shall be disqualified at any time or at any stage. In case false information is revealed at any time after participation, the Participant shall be liable to return all benefits provided under the Contests.
○ Breakthrough reserves the right to restrict / bar any person from participating in the Contest without quoting any reasons for the same.
○ Participants found indulging in any malpractices such as cheating or creating dubious profiles etc., shall be disqualified from the contest at any time and shall not be eligible for any prize.
○ These Terms & Conditions and the Contest shall be governed by Indian law only. Any claim, dispute or lawsuit arising in connection with them or the Contest shall solely be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Delhi NCR.
○ All the content entered by participant becomes Breakthrough’s property and can be used by the company as, where & when they deem appropriate.
○ It is assumed that the Participants who have successfully submitted their entry have read the Terms & Condition and agree to it without any conditions.
○ This contest is not applicable in a country outside India, any state of India if it is prohibited by law there.
○ Breakthrough shall not be responsible for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental action, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for the same.
○ Breakthrough shall not be liable under any circumstances towards any loss or damage or expenses or cost or any third party liability, whether directly or indirectly, arising out or in relation to use or availing of any prizes and/or in connection with the said prizes as the case may be.
○ The contest participants may be contacted on the mobile number and email shared by them during contest participation. Breakthrough shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any participant who cannot be contacted on the mobile number or email as declared by the participant.
○ The database of mobile numbers can be used by Breakthrough in future for any lawful purpose as deemed fit by Breakthrough.
○ The prize winners shall execute all such documentation as deemed necessary by Breakthrough and allow Breakthrough and their assignees to use, display, copy, modify, distribute, publish, sell, assign, exchange, license, sub-license, in all and all locations, in any medium, form or format, in any number, the picture, image or likeness and the reproductions of the winner, and any biographical information furnished by the winner to Breakthrough.
○ The winners shall be required to provide self attested proof of identity, confirmation of his/her mobile number along with the auto-response received acknowledging his/her participation, proof of residence and all other documentation as required by law.
○ Winners must claim the prize in the manner communicated by Breakthrough.
○ In case of change in date of contest or cancellation thereof for any reason beyond control of Breakthrough, Breakthrough shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.
○ If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable to any extent for any reason including by reason of any law or regulation or government policy, the remainder of these Terms & Conditions other than those which are held invalid or unenforceable, shall not be affected thereby, and each provision of these Terms & Conditions shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. Any invalid or unenforceable Terms & Conditions shall be replaced with Terms & Conditions, which are valid and enforceable and most nearly reflect the original intent of the unenforceable Terms & Conditions.

Disclaimer by Hyundai India

1st Prize (BEST MUSIC VIDEO) : EON by Hyundai India

Please Note:

The Awardee/ Beneficiary of the ‘Best Music Video’ has to bear the cost of Gift tax, Registration , Road tax , Insurance , Logistics and other charges.

The Color of the car is subject to availability and the image of the car shown in all the collaterals and online banners may vary as per actual product.

All disputes regarding the 1st Prize (Best Music Video) shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of New Delhi.

Accessories shown in the image are not part of the standard equipment.
Hyundai India reserves the right to change the variant of the car and conditions of gratification without prior notice.

Other T&C apply.

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